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Five Minute Pizza Dough Recipe

I may cook the vast majority of our meals from scratch but I’m not tied to the stove. When it comes to meals for the children I like things to move swiftly as small tummies don’t play the waiting game in this family.

One of my favourite store cupboard standby meals is this pizza which is ready for the oven in under 15 minutes (10 if you’re super speedy). No proving, just kneading, rolling and topping. You are going to love this dough as it is so quick and makes a nice crisp base.

As I’m allergic to tomatoes we always have pesto on our pizza (here’s my homemade pesto recipe). You can load it up with whichever toppings take your fancy, we’re big on veggies and I’ll use whatever I have to hand.


Five Minute Pizza Dough

275g light brown self-raising flour (white is ok or a 50/50 mix of white & wholemeal)

150ml milk

60ml olive oil

Small pinch of salt (optional and not for under twos)

Veggie Pizza Toppings

Enough pesto to cover the dough, about 2 – 3 spoons

Half a courgette, either grated or sliced into wafer thin rounds

Cheddar cheese, grated

A handful of black olives, sliced

Half a red pepper, sliced

Three artichoke hearts, sliced

Five or so mushrooms, sliced and fried in a little oil

Any other vegetables you fancy!

Preheat oven to 180°C

Makes enough for six children (or three with leftovers)

  • Mix your ingredients together in a bowl until they come together in a dough.
  • Either pop it in your mixer and let the dough hook work its magic for five to ten minutes or turn out onto a floured worktop and knead by hand.
  • When you have an elastic dough roll out to about 5mm and place on a baking tray.
  • Spread your pesto (or tomato sauce) over the dough.
  • Layer your courgette (grated or sliced) over the base sauce then grate the cheddar over the pizza. Only using enough to cover in a layer.
  • Then lay out your toppings, Milla did the pizza above.
  • Cook in the oven for 20 minutes checking after 15 minutes and turning if needed.


My Mama Cooks

There are few nicer things that the internet has brought than the ability to connect with people regardless of location. I love being able to share the snapshots of our life with you. I am inspired by the creative lives being shared through blogs I read. Along the way I have made a few friends. I have watched people find new outlets and careers through opening the virtual doors to their lives.

I think short of having my own book published there is no greater joy than opening a book one of my friends has worked day and night to produce. I recently opened the My Daddy Cooks cook book and beyond the excitement of seeing my friend’s book was the excitement about the contents. It really is filled with gorgeous family recipes which work for delicious everyday meals. If you want convincing, check out my review on Bambino Goodies.

I have long joked with Nick that I would make a spoof video of Monty and I cooking which often ends with Monty losing his sense of humour: “Me mix it Mama, me MIX IT.” “Don’t put it in the oven, I want it RIGHT NOW.”

Last night we were cooking Savoury Brittany Pancakes from the book and on a whim I asked Mr Kat to get the video camera. Monty helped me while Milla was in charge of filming. A very fun end to a tiring day.

Did you spot Monty nicking fillings while my back was turned? If you want the recipe then you’ll need to buy the book or the ebook where you’ll find it alongside 99 other gems.