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There are special places in the world which call to you year round to return to them. Studland is one of those places for me. I’ve been a mere handful of times yet each trip gives me a deep feeling of calm.

Last week I took the children over to Studland. We left too late, queued for too long to catch the chain ferry, parked at a different part of the beach than planned and yet, somehow, arrived in good spirits.

It is so easy to make excuses to not take a day out like this with three young children. You think of all the things that will go wrong or how difficult it will be but if you just take the plunge you might just surprise yourself.

The small space on South Beach is perfect for a solo trip with children. I could easily swim in the sea while watching the children dig on the beach.

And it is such a perfect place to swim! The sea was like a mill pond. It was cool underneath and deliciously warm on the surface. I could have stayed in the emerald waters for hours.

Something about swimming in the sea is so liberating. No tickets, no lanes, no time limits; just the same feeling of never wanting to get out you felt when you were a child.

I was so inspired by the light, the sensation and the colours that I couldn’t resist taking a few shots. Although, I nearly fell in the water taking the shadow picture – I’m now thinking I should get a waterproof casing for my phone!

Dear Studland, thank you, we’ll be back soon x


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