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:: Dreaming :: Shooting :: Working ::

Dreaming – oh friends, I have been dreaming big recently. All I want to talk about is what we have been dreaming up but just for a while longer it’s under wraps.

I feel like such a rat teasing you so if you want to be in on the secret before the launch comment below and make sure you fill in the email field so I can add you to the pre-launch mailing list.

Shooting – I have spent so much time behind the lens this last week. Between the school play, sports day and shooting portraits I have got a lot of editing ahead of me! Thank goodness for Lightroom and its batch editing functions.

Working – Not only am I working furiously on turning those dreams into a reality I’ve had a to-do list of epic proportions. For the first time ever we hired someone to care for the children so I could work. I have mixed feelings about childcare but having someone work from our home where we were still around for the children worked very well for us.

With hours of work-specific time I have knocked out most of the jobs which have been hanging around on my to-do list for weeks. I even finally updated my pro site – please do tell me what you think. This weekend I will be hiding from the sun and finishing the first batch of videos for The Editing Room – our latest course all about editing your photos.

I don’t know what the next few weeks will hold but I do know they are going to be awesome! So that’s my lately, what’s yours?

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