Joyful Caesarean

Bringing babies into this world isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always go the way we would prefer. For one reason and another I have given birth to my first two children by caesarean section. Although nothing has been decided as yet I would guess the odds are that baby number three will arrive in the same way. And that is something I am at peace with.

It may not have been what I hoped for, far from it, but it is the way my children arrived in the world. I often find people commiserate with me when I say I gave birth by caesarean as if somehow it were a misfortune. I have been sat with women discussing the births of their children, been asked how Monty arrived got as far as saying he came by c-section and had them turn to the next person. As if my experience of birth weren’t worth hearing. It is a shame because bringing a child into the world is a joyful experience however they arrive.

I don’t have the words to describe the electric and elated atmosphere of the people in the room with us when Monty was born. Nor the gentle kindness of the theatre assistant who sat with me after Milla came out. I breast fed my children while being stitched up. Their births were spledndid, emotional and as special as they come. So if this baby decides to come in the same way then this time I will walk to theatre without fear, knowing I’m not missing anything. The birth of our children is the truly memorable part, not how they arrived.

I have had this post sat in my drafts for ages, as if in some way I am not sure about what I feel. Today I am embracing this.

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