Family Albums

Time was I would diligently add our photos to albums with captions and dates but that was back in the days of having to print your pictures to see them and loooong before children came along.

When it comes to printing I’m a slacker. A stack of photos for the grandparents a couple of times a year and little more. After creating a photobook for a review recently it had been on my mind to begin the task of sorting and printing.

Like anything you’ve put off the longer you leave it the bigger it becomes. I got my motivation to get on with it from a seriously tempting discount code for Cewe on MSE. It runs until the end of February if you’re in a similar position.

Knowing I needed to work quickly to get them done released me from worrying about the quality – sure there were some dodgy shots in there but they all captured our lives perfectly. I’m going to write some more about organising photos and creating photobooks on the Capturing Childhood blog over the next couple of weeks.

My books arrived today and as I flipped through them with a friend I was filled with the wonder of our family life. It might not be the most exciting story but there in the pages is the story of our lives awaiting the next chapter.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to print a photobook go and grab that code and tell your story.

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  • Reply natalie February 6, 2013 at 9:36 am

    thank you for posting this Kat, a great idea. I have just ordered one for my sistes bday, I spent too long last evening doing it, natalie x

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