Watercress and Potato Soup Recipe

Watercress and Potato Soup Recipe



Autumn weekends filled with pottering and the seasonal abundance are my favourite. Last weekend we filled our bags at the farmers market (see it in my latest vlog) and lingered in the park.

A long time favourite of mine is Watercress Soup. It’s filled with flavour and light enough not to leave you drowsy all afternoon. In Hampshire we are blessed with watercress merely hours from the beds and I take full advantage.


Watercress and Potato Soup Recipe

Watercress Soup

2 bunches of watercress (or a packet from the supermarket).
A knob of butter.
A couple of onions thinly sliced.
Either 3-4 medium waxy potatoes thinly sliced.
1.5 – 2 litres of hot chicken (or vegetable) stock.
Yeo Valley Greek Yoghurt to serve.

Serves 4 – 6

  • Heat the butter in a large pan over a medium flame.
  • Once the butter has melted, add the onions and gently sweat without colouring.
  • After a couple of minutes add the sliced potato and mix into the buttery onions. Season well with pepper and cook gently for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the hot stock and  half of the watercress.
  • Simmer for around 15 – 20 minutes (unless you are starving then could be done in ten).
  • Remove from the heat, add the second bunch of watercress (this makes the overall flavour stronger) and blend. I use a handheld blender as an upright can leave stringy bits of watercress.
  • Serve with my favourite Yeo Valley Greek Yoghurt and lashings of warm buttered bread.

Watercress and Potato Soup Recipe


Leaping In

I have spent the last few years being hugely inspired by the videos being shared on YouTube. While I make my own videos from time to time I didn’t feel I was truly participating on the platform and that began to bug me.

You know me, I like to jump into things and think about them later. So last week I took the plunge and started filming a weekly vlog. Yikes!

It’s super confronting to suddenly be filming myself and putting it out there. Especially nerve wracking to set myself the challenge of uploading a vlog every week for the next year. I wasn’t going to share that last part but what’s a goal without some accountability?

I’ll be uploading every Sunday evening to begin with and I would love for you to join me over there (and hit subscribe while you’re visiting). I really appreciate all of the support you have already shown me on my awkward first vlog, here’s to all of the awkward vlogs to follow!

Podcasts for a Monday Morning

Monday is by far my favourite day of the week. I like to hit the ground running and tackle my most productive tasks on a Monday morning. There is little I do these days that isn’t accompanied by a podcast or two and while I prep for season two of my podcast here are my favorite Monday morning listens.

This American Life is an American public radio show which has been going for over twenty years. Since they began to share their episodes via podcasts their audiences have boomed. Part of it is down to the sublime reporting, interesting subjects and stories of Americans from all walks of life and the other part is all about Ira Glass being incredible. Hands down the first show I reach for on a Monday.

The Allusionist is a show all about language and the merry dance it has led us on to reach its current form. From puns to pride Helen Zaltzman has been fascinating us with lexicon-based explanations of how we came to say the things we say.

Creative Mornings is a podcast based around the recordings of Creative Mornings talks from around the world. Being a huge fan of Tina Roth-Eisenberg and talks from interesting people I have been following the Creative Mornings movement from afar. Last year Tina took the talks (which are also available as videos) and turned them into a podcast hosted by Matt Sucich. Matt’s easy manner help bring together the sometimes less-than-perfect recordings with explanations and interviews to follow up. Every recording is a joy with so much to feed your creative and business life. Currently drumming my fingers for season three!

Ctrl Alt Delete is the name of both the podcast and debut novel from writer Emma Gannon. Blasting onto the scene this spring with a series of high profile guests Emma has been exploring the online life and work of some seriously interesting women. Delightfully unpolished her interviews include interruptions from both cats and Hollywood stars without missing a beat. Great for reminding you that so many people who you see as having it together are often making it up as they go along too.

My Dad Wrote A Porno – where to even start? What do you do when your father reveals he’s being writing erotic fiction and offers it to you? Why you read it out to your best friends, record it and send it out as the most exquisitely painful podcast. This is the best cringe and laugh of the week. The book takes you from tedious levels of admin detail to tits out in seconds flat all interrupted by Alice Levine and James Cooper who unpick the details as Jamie Morton reads the excruciating prose. Just be careful your headphone jack is safely in before you press play…

What do you tune into to start the week?

Burning Out and Rekindling Myself

Bowood House Gardens

“Maybe it’s burn out?”

The words I hadn’t been able to form myself being gently suggested by a friend. Maybe, I said while waiting for the ground to swallow me as the failure I must surely be.

After months of working, creating, speaking, mentoring and hustling I felt dry, spent and ill equipped to deal with rebuilding my energy levels. I was raw and feeling emotionally spent coming out of the first six months of the year.

As work eased off for the summer I allowed myself to slow down and focus on only the jobs which needed to be done. It’s just a blip, I thought, and yet every creative spark which flew out of me in the coming weeks I couldn’t get any of them to light the fire. She was right, I was burnt out.

Google ‘burn out’ and dozens of articles face you proclaiming Ten Signs That You’re Burned Out but offering little help beyond what seems obvious. When I tried this, even picking which advice to take on board was too much so I just closed the window.

School wrapped up and our first trip beckoned. Escaping to a place where everything was taken care of for us (no spoilers – I have so much more to say about this) gave me the opportunity to stop consuming.

As I took a break from reading, watching, listening and generally consuming online I was able to let go of the anxiety that I wasn’t offering up new work constantly. My cameras were never far from reach and I was creating for the future rather than the pressure to share immediately. I was making plans and thinking through ideas that would have weeks to ferment before I needed to take action. And I wrote; snippets and thoughts just for me and my own satisfaction.

And gradually I started to feel the kindling of fire. Weeks passed and I let go of caring that my photos on Instagram didn’t make the perfect grid or catch enough likes because that’s not why I share to Instagram. I stopped worrying about what people were thinking and saying about me and my work because it triggers a spiral of doubt. Who needs to invite that kind of negativity in?

How often do we make a conscious effort to be gentle with ourselves? To nurture what inspires us and heal what has broken within? And now I’ve given myself time to rebuild I can see that I’ve sunk into old stress habits: patterns of self loathing and lack of care for my body.

So this is the time I burned out. That I stopped treating myself well and felt the whiplash of such foolhardy ways. It’s also the time I made space for recovery. It’s the summer I didn’t work at every opportunity and felt revived for it.

And I’m ready for September, so ready to burn brightly once again.