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Shop Indie: My Favourite Places to Shop for Adults 2014

2014 December 15
by Kat



Kat Molesworth

{Image: Xanthe Berkeley for Blogtacular}

You know I love to shop in independently owned shops. I adore designers and tapping into the creative community’s style.

Many of the shops and designers listed here have become friends and even clients over the years. I feel incredibly blessed to live in a time when I can come into contact with so many incredible people.

In the first half of my Shop Indie guide for 2014 I shared my favourite places to shop for children. Now let’s talk about the grown ups! This is a definitive list of all of the shops I love and have bought from this year…

The Hambledon

Shops for Adults

I want to tell you that my house is really cool because I know the best places to shop but sadly I lack the drive to get tasks started let alone finished in most cases. Instead my house has really cool stuff, is half decorated and very messy.

The Hambledon: My long term love where I have been lusting over their product range since I was a teenager. It’s one of those places that showed me I could shop out of the mainstream and satisfy my frustrated style. Pretty much everyone who comes to visit me gets a trip into The Hambledon because once you’re in you’re in love. Their Christmas decorations are stunning each year and the Solstice Fairy has been known to shop here. I can not tell you how wonderful it is without ruining the surprise, come visit and we’ll go in together. Now repeat after me children: Where do presents for Mama come from? The Hambledon!

Donna Wilson: Back in the 80s knitwear made my blood run cold, not least because I had to model it in ‘fashion shows’ horrors! These days I’m all about the knit and love Donna’s designs above all others. Her work sits firmly in the aspiration camp for my budget but the few small pieces I have bought over the years are stunning. Come here for knitted creatures, stunning cushions and woollens to keep you warm as well as ceramics.

Ladybird Likes: I adore Ladybird Likes goodies and love wearing my pug necklace. If you love kitsch jewellery this is where you should be shopping.

Kitschy Coo: There is nowhere on Earth where you can buy cooler knit fabric. Turn it into tops, trousers, and dresses with Amanda’s patterns and you’re away. I am dying to visit her store in Edinburgh – if you’re there stop by for me, won’t you?

Camila Prada: I have developed an obsession for ceramics. Camila Prada is definitely responsible for this! Her quirky creatures are totally worth it and this year I managed to snag one or two for myself.

Lollipop Designs: Lollipop is the home of stylish organisation. I can’t face a busy week without having my time mapped on their weekly planner.

Let's Dance The People Shop

{Image: Allison Sadler for The People Shop}

The People Shop: I wish The People Shop was near me as I would be in there all of the time chatting to Allison who has run it for nearly two decades now. If you’re in Birmingham & The Midlands head here for workshops, socials and the full range of products. For those of you online their site has some of the range available – I’m lusting after the Let’s Dance print pictured above.

Pink Castle Fabrics: I have a few favourites when it comes to buying fabric but in terms of US based sellers Pink Castle is miles ahead. Great service and loads of luscious flannels.

Geninne: Geninne is a daily inspiration. Her desktop images, instagram feed and prints never cease to make me feel happy. I only wish I could buy some of the ceramics she has been working on – they have my heart!

Tatty Devine: There is nowhere I love to lust more than Tatty Devine. Their perspex jewellery is always a cut above the pack. I have two of their legendary name necklaces and a wish list as long as my arm…

Lisa Stubbs: Lisa’s work is filled with the joy of family life. I could hang every single one of her prints.

Chevron Wrapping

Atelier Stella: I am a little dotty for these quirky ceramic vases. About once a month Atelier Stella uploads new items to the shop but you have to move fast as they sell out within minutes. It’s worth noting that at the time of writing Atelier Stella and West Elm have a collaboration going and you can buy a selection of vases and pots in West Elm globally.

Backstitch: I have a few fabric shops who I buy from in the UK – Backstitch is one I browse frequently. I have been a fan since Alice opened her doors and continue to be tempted by her well edited collection.

Phoebe Wahl: Phoebe’s art makes me feel like I could just step into it and carry on living. I have already bought the Taproot calendar for 2015 and can’t wait for a year of Phoebe’s art.

Beardbangs: I adore these fun and colourful ceramics. I recently procrastinated too long over a limited edition on Jealous Creator’s only to feel bereft when they sold out. Lesson learned – grab them while you can!

Simply Solids: I love Simply Solids for having all of the great solid and basic pattern quilting fabrics in one place. Justine is always incredibly helpful when I come to her with questions even if it means pointing me in a different direction – now that is excellent customer service.

Shanna Murray: Happiness for Your Walls – that’s the best description of any business ever, right? Shanna’s decals and messages of love pepper our home spreading joy and weaving love into the fabric of our home.


Tattly: I love body art but I just can’t commit to permanent tattoos. Thankfully one of my favourite internets decided that temporary tattoos were in desperate need of an overhaul. Tattly was born and kicked off a new wave of temporary tattoos. I really can’t get enough of them.

Hunkydory Home: Want a home filled with fun objects, print and colour? Hunkydory Home is the place to shop. With an ever-updating product range you will be spoiled for choice.

Present & Correct: The ultimate stationery shop for those of us who go weak at the knees around paper goods.

Housewife Confidential

Emily McDowell: typography + sharp wit = ultimate joy. I love love love Emily’s work and get a kick out of  carrying my Groceries & Shit bag even if it does nearly break my children not to read it out.

Sophie Alice Wiltshire: I spotted a papercut by Sophie in a friend’s home recently and promptly came home to purchase one for Mr Kat. Love her work and if you’re a papercut fan you’ll want to check out her prints.

Mini Moderns: Where do I even start with Mini Moderns? Their style is impeccable and they bring this into every product that they produce. From wallpaper to homewares you will find plenty to swoon over. Having had a sneaky peek at some upcoming releases I can confidently say that 2015 is going to see them going from strength to strength.

Nikki McWilliams: If you spent your childhood sat in village halls at coffee mornings, as I did, you will no doubt have a certain affection for the unique designs of British biscuits. Nikki’s work gives biscuit designers the wider audience they deserve. From biscuit cushions to jewellery you are going to love her playful designs.

Festive Table Centres

2014 December 4
by Kat

Decorated Candle Tutorial from Housewife Confidential

As part of our Solstice celebrations we light a candle each evening and take turns sharing gratitude and love. We used the same candle since we began the tradition but last year it finally burned out.

I had a look around for a new one but couldn’t find anything I liked. B&Q recently asked me if I had any Christmas crafts up my sleeve and it came to me – I could make one! This is such a simple craft that I’ve made a few to gift to family and friends as well.

I bought the candles and glue gun from B&Q and the dried fruits from my local florist wholesalers. I used silver cake bases as a simple way to bring it all together.

I will add a disclaimer that these are going to be flammable and should not be burned unsupervised and the candle should be removed from the base when it becomes level with the decorations.

Decorated Candle Tutorial from Housewife Confidential

You will need:

Large pillar candle

Glue gun and sticks

A selection of dried fruits and pine cones

A base (I have used a silver cake board)


  • Lay out your supplies so that they’re close at hand.
  • Turn the candle over, if the base is smooth use a fork to create some grooves for the glue to stick to.
  • Put glue on the centre of the candle and immediately place it in the centre of your base (it can harden quickly). Hold the candle in place for a thirty seconds or so to make sure it sticks.
  • Figure out your design and then glue each piece in place. Be aware that the hot glue can melt the wax of the candle so be careful if you’re fixing any pieces to the side.
  • You’re done – totally simple!

Decorated Candle Tutorial-2-2

Have you made any festive decorations this year?

Disclosure: B&Q provided a gift card which covered the costs of some of the materials used in this post.

Shop Indie: My Favourite Places to Shop for Children 2014

2014 December 1
by Kat

The Hambledon

If there is one question I got more than others it’s: Where did you buy that?” So I thought I’d share some of my favourite shops with you.

These are the businesses where I spend my money and am proud to be a customer supporting indie designers and business owners. I am lucky that thanks to my online life I am now able to count many of them as friends and even clients. For me this is the icing on the cake to shopping indie. Not only do you know your money will be re-spent within the community in which it was spent to a greater degree than in chains but you also form relationships with people invested in their work.

In this first post I am sharing my favourite places to shop for children.

You may also see sidebar ads for some of the stores featured. To keep the ASA happy I want to point out that they do not pay for that space, I offer it freely to businesses I support.

Parklife Christmas

{Image: Kat Molesworth for ParkLifeKids}

Shops For Children

Writing for Bambino Goodies gave me the excuse to obsess over clothing toys and products for children. I have my go to stores and designers many of whom I wrote about over the years. These are my absolute favourites, I hope you love them too x

Tootsa MacGinty: We have been wearing Tootsa since they launched their fun and distinctive unisex clothing. Their jumpers are incredibly soft and well wearing not to mention being the coolest around.

Sisters Guild: The sisters who run Sisters Guild Becca & Carla have exceptional taste and not only will you find gorgeous children’s clothing but also devine homewares.

ParkLifeKids: I first heard we had an indie children’s shoe shop opening in Winchester at a trade show. I have been a customer since the day they opened their doors to a shop packed not just with shoes but clothes, toys and games too. If you’re stumped for stocking fillers it’s worth checking out their site. I recently shot a couple of images for their Christmas ad campaign, the one above didn’t make the final cut but I thought you might like to have a peek, check out the site for the images they used!

Childs FarmChilds Farm make baby & children’s wash products which are gentle and smell like a sweet shop. Having tried just about every product in this area I can say that theirs are the best and the only ones I buy for my children. Not only are they delicious to use but they are great for eczema prone skin.

JuicyTots: JT is where we go for PJs, leggings, swimwear and Scandi prints. If you have ever admired our Molo Rainbow coats then this is where they came from. Abi who runs it brings together such a great range of clothes it’s hard not to buy one of everything!

Anorak Magazine: It is so important to us that our children have access to a great range of artistic influences. Not only does Anorak’s ever-changing line up of artists tick that box but we are hooked on the content too. From the issues which are read and reread to The Big Book of Anorak we love it all. If you wish your children still had the Hartbeat Gallery then why not buy a subscription and submit their work to Anorak?

Wild Things Dresses: It’s not often that someone comes along with designs so original they have you kicking yourself that you didn’t create them. Wild Things Dresses are so playful yet simply designed that they make both superb everyday wear and party gear alike. Not only dresses but dungarees, ears and hats as well – you might even have seen the dragon jacket in the Not on the High Street ads. Milla is wearing the iconic fox dress in the image above.

The Kid Who: Since its launch this has been one of my go-to stores for fun gifts. They have homewares, toys, decoration, clothes and gifts. I love their style and you’ll always find something new & exciting.

Love it Love it Love it: Where to start with Love it? Ruth has created a haven for people who want to dress their children in comfortable, colourful and eco-conscious clothes.

Okido Magazine: This is the arts & science magazine for children from pre-schooler age and up. Beautifully designed and not pulling any punches – my favourite issue was the baby one which had a cut out sperm race in the back.

Jennie Maizels: Jennie has to be one of the most exciting author illustrators I know. Her pop up books are incredibly detailed and well-researched – a great way to discover and learn. Not only does Jennie write amazing books but also has a superb range of products from her cool iron on patches to notebooks, cards, gift wrap and crackers to name but a few.

The Pippa & Ike Show: Run by Lianne, who has had a long design career in her own right, The Pippa and Ike Show is a children’s lifestyle store. You’ll find art, homewares, stocking fillers, toys, clothing all with a colourful Scandi edit. My absolute favourite is the big stack of melamine tableware.

Questions, questions, questions…

2014 November 28
by Kat


Kat Molesworth

{image Xanthe Berkeley for Blogtacular}

I have been thinking about doing more with my YouTube channel. The children are desperate to make more recipe videos and knowing that recipes are some of my most popular posts (after the most personal ones) I wanted to ask for your thoughts.

Now, sadly we can’t just jump on the phone for a chat but I’m really interested in what you think. So tell me, do you want more videos? What kind of videos do you want? And while we’re at it what kind of food do you want more of on the blog?

Get in touch however you feel most comfortable: comments, twitter, facebook, email me or carrier pigeon, I don’t mind. The photo above is an example of my face when people talk to me. It’s good to talk, right?

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